Everything You Should Know About Construction Surveys

Construction survey is a process in checking out the markers and points that are used in constructing buildings, houses and roads. In order for the construction to really be more coordinated they will need to observe and monitor the markers.

Construction survey was also used in the past. The Great Pyramid of Giza has nearly perfect squares because of construction survey. There are really plenty of structures that have used construction survey.

Today, they are using new equipment to survey constructions. Now, surveying is much more efficient and accurate. Below is a really good example; before surveyors will need two posts that has a chain to measure the distance but not the elevation, but today, they make use of the GPS which can really measure the distance from a certain point to another point and even know the differences of the elevation. Today, new equipment has radio frequencies and radar.
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Below are the things that are done in construction survey:
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The surveyor will need to check the condition of site, the existing structures, topography, and the infrastructures that are under the ground. They really need to check the infrastructures that are under ground such as manholes, sewer lines and more.

The surveyor will need to make sure that the corners of the site are clear for construction and excavation.

It is also their task to guide the construction of new structures by putting markers and points.
The surveyor will verify and know the location of the structure in the construction site.

It is also their task to provide the control on different floors of the structure.

They will also need to survey the structure once it has been constructed to make sure that everything is complete and done properly.

They will coordinate with the systems that will be used in the construction.

The surveyor actually makes use of different kinds of techniques and equipment. Theodolites and levels are equipment that they use to survey constructions. These equipment can accurately measure the vertical, slope, horizontal and deviation distance. They also make use of GPS surveying, electronic distance measurement and laser scanning.

Below are the other services that are offered by surveyors:

The design of construction

Managing of projects and monitoring of the project

Insurance assessments and assistance in claims

Property legislation adviser

Handles the applications

Inspection of the structure in order for it to follow proper building code

Provide measured surveys

Negotiations of claims

Maintenance adviser

Surveyors can also provide advises on different parts of construction such as conservation, design, restoration, maintenance, refurbishment and repair.