Techniques of Glass Decorations Decorations are done on a number of things with the aim of beautification. Glass is one of the things that can be decorated in several different ways as we shall discuss briefly. Before we look at the different ways decorations are done on glass it is paramount that we also consider the importance of doing decorations on glassware. First of all as we have already established, decoration will be done with the key aim of beautification. This is simply a way of beautifying something so that it is more attractive to the owner or the buyer. However, besides beautification, decoration can be applied on glass as a way of customizing it in order to make it appear peculiar to a person or a group of people. Nowadays, it is very easy to see customized wine glasses. Glassware decorated in this way is made to appear unique to its users. Next, decorations can be done as a way of personalizing something. Logos and emblems of given entities can be inscribed on things like glassware in order to make them personal to the people whose logos and emblems they bear. This kind of decoration is usually done on a demand basis and can be used to come up with personalized wine glasses, for example.
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Glass decorations are done mostly through two main ways namely, engraving and etching. Glass engraving involves use of abrasion to cut images and inscriptions into the glass surface. The images could be images of animals, people, logos of companies or even trees. The inscriptions could be short messages, abbreviations or initials of people’s names. Initials of people’s names could be in the form of monograms which in the end achieve the decorative function of personalizing glassware such as personalized monogrammed whisky glasses and the like.
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Glass decoration using etching is usually done through the use of acidic or basic substances to impress artistic decorative patterns on glassware. Just like engraving, glass etching technique uses images and inscriptions to decorate glassware. Etching is also one of the ways that can be adopted to make glass translucent. Translucent glass can be used in places like the washrooms since they permit very little light to pass through them. In conclusion, we have seen that decoration is done mainly for aesthetic value, customization and personalization of glassware. We have also seen two main ways of glass decorations. It should be noted that the purpose of your decoration is what determines which type of decoration to be used. For beautification purpose, for example, etching technique fits quite well. On the other hand, customizations and personalization of glassware can be done best with engraving technique of glass decoration.