Read This Before Buying Your Next Razor UNKNOWN to many people is the fact that a well-known brand of razor cartridge, which sells for more or less $5.00, takes less than a dollar per piece to manufacture. If the difference is mainly for profit, would it be way to much. The real deal lies on marketing the razor. A number of very famous spend a lot to market their blades. They need people to believe that there are no other good than those that came from them. So, now you know that you are paying for both the razor and the cost to market it. And in spite of that, you still think that the other razors might not be good enough. You can turn to disposable razors, but as the name implies, they are easily disposed of. That again is where you are wrong. If better shaving is what you are looking for, your search is now over. This name will make you forget that shaving is a daily chore. With this blade you can forget what it is like to shave with a dull blade. This brand will give you that same great shave feeling you get with expensive brands. Now, you will never run out of fairly priced fresh blades. The good news is that they deliver fresh blades to your homes.
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What makes this one special? These razors come from from Germany. There are made by a company with a good reputation in terms of quality. Moreover, this company has been supplying straight razors for the famous barbers of Europe for almost a century. Today, they are still producing the best blades the world has ever seen.
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This brand has a unique technology in their blade that is not found anywhere else but their partners. Unlike, most razor brands, this company pays attention to the handle as well. The design looks simple, however it is undoubtedly effective. How do you make this brand an integral part of your shaving routine? The very first thing to do is as simple as telling them how frequently you shave so you can get the correct plan to suit your needs. The rest can be managed using your account. Then you relax and soon your fresh blades will be delivered. You will surely get extra smooth shave each time with these razors. You are probably thinking that there is lock-in period when you try out their blades. There are no contracts and commitments so there is nothing for your to worry about. This means that you can stay with them for as long as you like and opt out if you are not satisfied. Rest assured, you will be happy with the razors. To try this amazing shaving experience, click this now.