People don’t typically look forward to buying a new mattress. It’s so hard to figure out which one is the right one, and stores don’t usually make it easy to comparison shop. They typically try to steer a person to the more expensive models, which may not even be the best ones for the person’s needs. Another option to consider is to buy an online mattress. While this may sound odd because you won’t be able to test it out before you get it, there are a number of potential benefits to this process.

Quick and Easy

First of all, it’s quick and just takes a few clicks of the mouse to choose a new mattress and have it delivered. Many online-only mattress companies offer free delivery. In the case of two of the most well-known foam mattress companies, the mattress even comes in a pretty small box that’s easy to move from one place to another, which is beneficial when it needs to be moved up or down stairs or through a number of narrow doorways. Once the mattress box is in the right room, you open the box and cut open the plastic bag and the mattress will expand to its full size. This can be fun to watch for kids.

Excellent Return Policies

These companies typically have longer-than-average return policies of about 100 days instead of the 30 days that is more common with traditional mattress stores. This means you have over three months to decide if the mattress is right for you. If not, they usually give a full refund either after they pick it back up from you or after you send them a receipt to show that you’ve donated it to charity, depending on the company. With a traditional mattress store, there’s usually some type of restocking fee that comes out of the refund, but this isn’t usually the case with online mattress companies.

Highly Rated

One of the leading consumer rating organizations has rated a number of these companies as having among the best available mattresses, so look into the ratings to see which mattress may be best for you. These mattresses vary in firmness depending on the company.