Living In a Home That is Free From Allergens

Substances that cause allergy are called allergens. Allergy is a hypersensitive reaction to the body. They can also be referred to as antigens that produce an unusually vigorous immune response in which the immune system fight a perceived threat that would be otherwise harmless to the body. The forms in which allergens exists differ that is dust mites, mold, pests, seafood, peanut, nuts, shellfish, pollen and even pet dander. You should always consider protecting your home from allergens as your first task. Ways of keeping your home from allergens.

Cleaning and destroying any possible breeding ground for allergens will say doing away with them. Most don’t live in clean environments, but they prefer dirty, filthy and stuffed areas. For one you should destroy the water leaks and clean your carpet regularly. Mold Spores in carpet dust are reduced when carpet is cleaned. Do regular operation and maintenance of systems to improve the quality of air in your house. Ensuring proper air circulation is a control measure for ailments such as a headache, stuffed sinuses, and even sore throat.

Allow in fresh air in the house by opening windows and doors as this increases aeration. In cases where allergens are coming from outside, keep windows and doors closed but instead use a fan for aeration. It is advisable that you remove clothes and clean yourself when you come from outside to stop contaminating the air inside.

Keep your house more pure by cleaning the wet surfaces. Clean all the hideouts of allergens once you suspect it. if you take all these steps into consideration your home is going to be free from allergens. Reducing the humidity of your home to 50% is going to result in the death of allergens as they do absorb water from the atmosphere without drinking it directly.

Control the pest in your home. You can either use the sprays to control pests or use artificial traps or even the electronic pest control methods. The temperatures at your home should not be too high or too low as pests survives at either lower temperatures or higher temperatures but not minimal temperatures.

Clean your bedding and clothes regularly may be daily or weekly. You can also remove unnecessary items that pick dust from your house since most allergens like to hide and others are not even visible. It is also a wise idea to keep off allergens like dust mite by using dust mite-proof covers in pillows and other bedding. Mold can be kept away from your home by using double panned windows that prevent moisture build up.